Tax Repair Services

If you use a qualified accountant then the chances are that your personal and business tax returns are accurate and that your accountant is doing their best to keep your tax as low as possible within the law.

Sometimes it goes wrong, though. Either due to lack of experience or not keeping up to date. In the last few years there have been a handful of cases that I’ve been asked to look at where things have been a real mess. Some of which have come to me when HMRC were on the verge of making the taxpayers bankrupt.

The problem was though that the tax being collected was wrong, and not just by a little bit. In these cases we’ve been able to step in at the last minute, put a hold on the the action, and arrange for the tax due to be almost extinguished. 

We have obtained some very grateful clients from helping them this way.

So if you’re in a desperate situation and you think that something is wrong but don’t know where to turn, give us a call. Our tax repair service is offered with a free initial meeting and fact finding to see if we can help you.

Jason Seagrave | Partner | Seagrave French

0115 941 5193 |

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