Keeping your estate out of IHT

You’ve worked hard all of your life and built up a nice collection of residential property and you want to leave it to your family when you die. The problem is you don’t want to lumber them with a large inheritance tax bill.

At a whopping 40% the family would need to sell some of the portfolio to pay the tax. Your transfer the asset now but and hope that you survive 7 years but you’d have to pay capital gains tax now and there’s no guarantee you’d survive so you risk a double taxation situation.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could transfer the asset out of your estate now and be sure that the estate escaped IHT?

Well it is possible, and its just one of the 144 ways we can help our client save tax. If you’re facing this problem then make contact with us and we can arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs.

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