Essential knowledge for new businesses – registering with HMRC

HMRC are very keen on their customers interacting with them online and have a long term goal called ‘making tax digital’. At the moment if you want to register with them you need to do it online. If you’re not online or don’t feel comfortable doing this we can take care of it for you.

The Key

To do anything you first need a government gateway ID, but you only need one for each entity you have. Once you have the gateway ID you can then attach all the necessary services to it.

So, to obtain a government gateway ID you need to click here. From this page you can fill in your name and an email address. You will then given a government gateway ID, make a note of this and don’t lose it. You will not be shown this number again. You can now follow the steps to register either you as an individual or your business.

The details

Don’t forget that you need to register your business only once and then pick the services that you need to use. You can register for self assessment [if you’re a sole trader or partnership] or for corporation tax [if you’re a company] and then attach services for VAT, and PAYE if necessary.

A note for Company Directors

All Company Directors are required to prepare a tax return under self assessment, and you do not get registered automatically. If you have never prepared a tax return before then you can register here

Once you’ve registered you will receive your self assessment reference number in the post. 

Reference Numbers

Once you’ve successfully registered you will receive various registration numbers which your accountant will need. You should receive 

  • A self assessment URN
  • A corporation tax reference [if you’re a Company]
  • A VAT number [if you registered for VAT]
  • A PAYE reference number [if you registered for PAYE]
  • A PAYE collection reference number [if you registered for PAYE] 

Make sure that you advise your accountant of these numbers. They will then register them as your agent with HMRC for these services and you will receive an activation code from HMRC in the post which should be sent to your accountant within 28 days.

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