Essential knowledge for new businesses – example book keeping spreadsheet

We want you to get your business off to a flying start and so we created this Example Cashbook Spreadsheet to help you do so. It ensures that you record all of the information that we need and has a few things that check you’re doing things properly.

Just follow these tips to get the most out of it.

  • The orange boxes are the ones that you can enter numbers into without changing any of the in built formulae. Try to only enter data in those
  • For expenditure you should enter the amount net of VAT [if applicable] in the columns under the relevant column under the heading ‘analysis of expenditure’ and the applicable VAT in the VAT column.
  • For expenditure you should also enter the total in the relevant column under the ‘payment method’ headings. If you do the above two steps properly then the check column for that row should be zero.
  • The running balance should agree to the bank statement, check for every bank statement that you enter.
  • If you have an expense doesn’t fit into any of the headlngs put it in sundries and put a detailed description in the description column.

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