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Exciting News

Great meeting today – we have plans that will transform how we interact with our clients – up and running in a few weeks – stay tuned

Owner Managed Business Champion

I’m  getting a bit fed up with the constant adverse attitude towards those of us who choose to run our own business. Over the last few years we’ve seen things get worse for us, examples are Dividend Tax IR35 for public sector Loss of higher rate tax relief for mortgage interest on residential lettings Additional…Read More

The abuse of natural law

For criminal activity, the principal that an individual is innocent until proven guilty, has existed since the Magna Carta. In fact to convict someone their guilt needs to be proven ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ Did you know though that this principal does not apply where HMRC consider that you have carried out tax avoidance? Subject to…Read More

Should not paying your debts be a criminal matter?

I remember when I was younger seeing the signs in shops saying ‘we always prosecute shoplifters’. Seems fair enough – its a deterrent and makes the position clear to any potential shoplifters what they can expect. If you take something and don’t pay for it then you will be introduced to the police. But when…Read More

Our clients are killing it!

What a great week I’ve had. All of the client’s I’ve seen this week are doing really well, great growth whilst increasing profitability. What are they doing to achieve this? They have a great management team of mixed skills. They have a plan. They keep their overheads under control. They work ‘on’ the business rather…Read More

Our New Website Goes Live

Welcome to our new website. We’ve chosen to update our website to a dynamic state of the art version. In it we have news, tax calculators and loads of great advice, our clients are also able to access their SF Collaborate and Kashflow accounts directly in the client area. Anyone can also sign up for…Read More

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